ia, the country ▓is once again on the brink of catastrophe▓.This time the drought is more widespread, affecting Somaliland, Puntland an▓d pastoral areas of Somalia, in addition to the centre and southern parts of the country, which w

ere hardest hit in 2011.The numbers of people at immediate risk are greater, and children are a▓mong the worst affected, the UN agency said.In February, UNICEF projected that 944,00▓0 children would be acutely malnourished in▓ 2017, including 185,000 children suffering from SAM who▓ would need urgent, lifesaving support.That number c▓ould shoot up, even if the next rains due to start in April come on time, and in full.UNICEF and partners have secured the pipeline of lifesaving supplies through June and are implementing a massiv▓e scale up plan.UNICEF is working to extend the reach of both facility-based and mobile nutrition, water, sa

nitation and health services, and has teams in the hardest hit areas, working with loc▓al authorities, partners and communities to treat an▓d prevent malnutrition, acute watery diarrhoe (AWD) and cholera.UNICEF Somalia has raised its 2017 funding requirement from 66 million U.S. dollars to 147 million U.S. dollars, with a funding gap of 54 percent as of mid-March."In 2011, funding poured in after the official declaration of famine in July

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